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Things I hate about anxiety

I hate hate hate anxiety voice.
And how my confidence in myself fluctuates.
And how doubts keep resurfacing no matter how much logic I throw at them.

One minute I’m confident in my plan and my ability to execute it and how much better it will make things on the other side.
Fast forward anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours later and I’m doubting I can do it, or worrying about how things are going to go so much I start to think I can’t do it.

Then I start doubting everything all the way down to the little things.
Like, my growing interest in makeup (I’m a bit of a late bloomer in that way).
I’ll look at my face and think it’s pretty, I’ve been blessed with very clear even toned skin. So I’ll think maybe I don’t need foundation, because I don’t really need it and it would leave me more freedom to indulge in things I really love; like red lipstick.
Then I’ll look again and start finding things I don’t like, imperfections in my head. And I’ll think how stupid I was, thinking I could pull off a clean look, just look at all the problems! So I start to feel ugly.

I’m also finally trying to get into looking a bit more polished than I usually do, and growing into a style of my own.
I’ve lost some weight and I’ll look in the mirror and be happy with what I see, even think to myself that I look better.
Upon a second look I remember my pudgy tummy, my ripply too thick thighs, my short legs.
How could I even think I look good? Why am I even trying to look cute? There is no reason for it, besides I couldn’t pull it off anyway.

It even extends to sex and kinks.
I feel bad for wanting some things Daddy isn’t comfortable with yet.
I feel like I dont do things right or please Daddy.
I feel unattractive, like I look bad in some positions.
Smell or taste bad (I have a serious cleanliness issue thanks to a past partner and am in constant fear I smell or taste bad no matter how often or thoroughly I wash)

It’s horrible.

I really start to think I can’t do anything.

So I constantly seem reassurance, some validation I suppose.
And I feel so selfish.
Daddy is doing so much to help me, even went so far as to make a strong statement against something my mother was mad at me for not perusing earlier in favor of what I wanted.
I feel like I ask too much of her, put too much on her, bother her with all this.
She just tells me it’s ok, I can’t control it, it’s not my fault.
I just can’t help but think maybe I could control it better or handle it on my own.
However that leads to bottling it up like I I did before and that’s not good.

I feel a dark spell coming and I don’t have time for it.
I’m sick to death of this illness.
I don’t want to be like this.

I’m ready for Daddy cuddles in the morning.

A good relationship is when two people accept each other’s past, support each other’s present, and love each other enough to encourage each other’s future. So don’t rush love. Find a partner who encourages you to grow, who won’t cling to you, who will let you go out into the world, and trust that you will come back. This is what true love is all about.

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this is true not only between you and your boo(s). true love is for all good. i’m gonna replace good with healthy healthy relationships in your life… your lover and/or lovers, your partner(s), your friends, your birth and chosen family members, etc :) 

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One of my most favorite movies!

One of my most favorite movies!

Up until my second year of high school,
I allowed myself to believe that I wasn’t like other girls
as if there was something fundamentally wrong with other girls
that I had to disinherit.

I used ‘girly girl’ as an insult
like the carefully applied foundation, the long-learned eyeliner
the too-bright lipstick they nearly missed their bus to put on
made them less.

Unlearning was a slow process that I’m still slogging through.
I catch myself raising my eyebrows at a girl on the other side of the room
and have to make myself remember it doesn’t mean shit.
Femininity is not a synonym with stupid or frivolous or weak;
I’ve seen girls who can shiv with a high-heel and look great doing it
or they can sweat and grunt and spit and not give a damn either way.

Your worth is not a win-or-lose depending on if your skirt goes below your knees.

Whether makeup or a bare face or fake eyelashes so heavy you have to squint
a long dress or inch-long skirt or jeans that rip at the knee or shorts that flash your underwear
dreadlocks or metal ear-stretchers or leggings without pants or bedazzled neon nails
bikini or burqa or hair shaved in strips or long plaid shirts
a hoodie that needed washing three weeks ago or dangling earrings or worn out sneakers
a scarf to hide your adam’s apple or sunglasses that cover half your face
braces or glasses or pigtails or a jagged pink mohawk or eighteen clearly visible tattoos-

Wear it as battle armour.

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I need to make out.

Against the wall, on the bed, on top of you, underneath you, on the table, my legs around your waist, yours around mine.. biting your bottom lip, kissing your neck, moaning in your ear, running my hands all over your body. I want you hardcore.


Two teenage girls attempted to go in front of me for a photo and The Evil Queen said, “Excuse you, I do believe this young lady was here before you. Now step aside”. My love for her is endless.

Life goal


Two teenage girls attempted to go in front of me for a photo and The Evil Queen said, “Excuse you, I do believe this young lady was here before you. Now step aside”. My love for her is endless.

Life goal